All You Can Take

Party Physic

Ever dreamed of becoming rich overnight?! Here's your chance! - You have one night to loot as much as you can from a house - just don't wake the owner!!



You wake up and realise that you are death itself – while a little piggy commands you around, telling you what to do…? Uh, what the heck happened?!

Explore a mysterious world where nothing seems to be as it should be! (What is this mysterious disease that is spreading throughout the world? Why can't the dying be redeemed? And, who were you before waking up in this place?)

Game Design Book

for designing a platformer game

This Book was writen as a master thesis to help, give Tips or inspire along the journey of making games. A collection of existing Design Rules, researched knowledge from studies and other interesting things we've seen in platform games.
(coming soon)


Multiplayer Party Brawler

A Fast paced shooting Game.
Rules are Simple - Fight against your Opponents with your only one item the throwing star. If you threw it - Try to take cover and pick up a throwing star as quickly as possible. Last standing wins.
(more infos soon)

Alien Escape

Gravity Puzzle Game

A crashlanded Alien troop got slaved in an magical castle. With their ability changing gravity, help them escaping out of the cruel castle. An Adveture with over 70 levels of puzzle fun.

Lost In Deep


The submarine crashes and you drown into the dark depths of the sea. You find yourself awake on the bottom of the ocean.
How can you get back to the surface? Explore the underwater world and look out for dangerous creatures!
(Prototype Only)

Climb Jump

Meditative Endless Scroller

An atmospheric and relaxing game with a jazzy vibe. Jump as a physic cube on endless stairs to the top!

Thunder Runner

Fastest Endless Runner

Jump and Dash through the clouds - But keep an eye on your energy levels! Your energy is going down and will kill you.